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Why Choose JSN Micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) ?
JSN Micro Flow Meter has most excellent and professional engineers who have endless pursuit for excellent performance and high quality. JSN selects only the best materials and uses top-level machinery. JSN has very responsible and dedicated workers, and perfect quality management system. All of these ensure that the quality of our product is at the world top level.
At present, our manufacturing equipments have reached the highest level in china and abroad. Few peer-manufacturers have same machining capacity as JSN Micro Flow meter. We use the German Siemens CNC machining center. It belongs to the world's top digital processing equipment.
As early as in 2008, we introduced top level CNC machining centers in domestic. It made our quality stands proudly at world class. At the same time, our sales continued to rise due to the quality improvement and stability. Now JSN company hands over 100 pieces of micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) to customer in 7 to 9 working days. All aspects of micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) have reached or exceeded the highest level in world.
This time we can look forward to successful cooperation. JSN is your trusted partner for micro flow meter(micro flow sensor).
Our Story
The manufacturing of micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) in China has opened a new chapter since 2008 year. Mr.TuJianWen former Siemens senior engineer founded JSN Company. The micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) was born in China through consuming full year of research and test. It means we have broken the monopoly from Germany and Japan in micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) market.

JSN company use imported CNC machining center to produce micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) since founded. Now mainly parameters of JSN micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) has reached and exceeded world's level. Such ass accuracy is up to 0.2%, max pressure is up to 1000bar, and working life is more than 5 years. JSN doesn't receive technology complaints in 3 consecutive years. Since then, customers have enough confidence and trust to choose JSN micro flow meter(micro flow sensor). We believe "The best service is to let service become unnecessary."
To achieve and exceed the world's level, our engineers often fly to Germany or Japan to learn and exchange leading technology. All parts from threads to rotor are made by Siemens machining center. JSN completely gets rid of manual production and use only top-level machinery to ensure quality in all details. This is the monumental in micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) history.
Quality Guaranteed
1) Most sophisticated and excellent engineers
2) Top level CNC machining center, cutting precision is up to 0.001mm
3) Responsible and dedicated workers
4) 100% inspection of every parts
5) Perfect quality management system
6) Over 5 years long working life

After-Sale Protection
1) Warranty:18months
2) "No service is best service": JSN has no tolerance for quality problem.
3) JSN has no quality complaints in three consecutive years.
4) Our all engineers can speak English. It means fast response and professional technical support.

JSN Mircro Flow Meter will use its own technology and experience in industrial process & control and own technical advantages of micro flow meter(micro flow sensor), learn the international forefront technology of the manufacturing process, Struggle all life to manufacturing world-class quality micro flow meter(micro flow sensor) and instruments.

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