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Good quality low noise industrial dust control collection system


Product Description


1,Motor power, and strong absorption; with blowing function, cleaning method is more flexible;

2,Superstructure fixed by fastening, demolition convenient, easy replacement of paper bags, cloth filter easy to clean;

3,With high efficiency quick connector, the hose installation, demolition, for expedience;

4,Designed with dynamic features and aerodynamic features, power tools, the work can be linked with the vacuum cleaner, air-workers have Can be linked using the vacuum cleaner. Easy to operate, save energy.

5,Dedicated dual power vacuum motor power, dust and good effect. Vacuum turbine motor noise especially quiet small.
,The perfect environmental effects and improve the paint quality.

7,Industrial high clouds filtering. And fine dust Special Drum filter, dust filter outlet, triple filtration equipment for the Dimur series of exclusive features, ensuring the increase of motor life.

8,Dual independent suction. Two grinding machine can be used simultaneously.

9,And are equipped with mobile working car. Mobile and flexible, to facilitate the dumping of dust.

industrial dust control collection system,

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