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5 shaft food cling stretch wrap film rewinder



5 shaft food cling stretch wrap film rewinder machine is multi-functional for high speed change of paper core model of rewinding consumer roll of food cling wrap,food stretch wrap film roll.

The model is designed for 5 turret station for paper core loading,it can switch the ready roll into next new roll.it can improve the production speed in high speed of rapid change.

Our machine is ideal for PE food cling film,PVC food cling wrap film etc at both extrusion film,and blowing film.

As the latest technology,our model can be option for labeling attachment for user to easy find the film direction,so can easy tear off the roll to find the beginning.

And our machine can rewind the roll with the perforation line which can tear off the roll at certain distance at 250,300,350,400,450mm etc,the change distance is very simple at only click on the touch screen as servo motor control.

Main data:

Master roll width:200-450mm

Master roll ID:76mm

Master roll OD:500mm

Rewind roll width:200-450mm

Rewind roll ID:25/32/35/38mm

Rewind roll length:2-150meters

Design speed:650m/min

Total power:4kw

Pneumatic supply:0.3Mpa



Note:The different technical parameters are acceptable for customized.

5 shaft food cling stretch wrap film rewinder, 5 turret food cling film roll making machine, food stretch wrap film winder machine,

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