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Hongli was found in 2002, located in Lin Pu Industrial park, xiaoshan, zhejiang,China. Xiaoshan International Airport is five kilometers from our factory,

With experienced technical team and professional equipments for your machining, fabricating and assembly requirements. Since 2002 Hongli has provided solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries including food, packing, engineering facilities, marine, petroleum industry etc.
Taiwan's existing import a gantry machining center, three vertical machining centers, used two German ZF gear box, Japan FAUNC - 21i; 18M; Mitsubishi M64 operating system.
1. Vertical MCV - 1600D xyz triaxial itinerary of 1650mm x 815mm x 850mm.
2. Vertical MCV-1300 xyz triaxial itinerary of 1350mm x 650mm x 650mm.
3. Gantry VB2520 xyz triaxial trip to 2500 x 2000mm x 1050mm.
4. Vertical MCV-850 xyz triaxial itinerary of 850mm x 500mm x 550 mm.
5. Suzhou tougher Sanguang proper thread cutting two units xyz triaxial itinerary 420mm x 350mm x 300mm
6. China Hanchuan production TK6411B NC boring and milling machine, one Taiwan. Xyz triaxial itinerary of 1300mm x 1500mm x 1000mm.
7. Ordinary equipment in the Czech Republic have a driller ZJ3040 Rocker, Rocker driller ZJ3050 two Desk,
8. Hyde CNC lathe CNC400A two Taiwan-750 (07.8), a lathe Shenyang CA6140 Taiwan
9. Hangzhou Machine Tool Plant M7140 a surface grinder,
10. Guilin Machine Tool Plant X5750 a milling machine, Jiangdong Milling Machine Tool Plant 16,384 a Taiwan section,
Rongde production KTM260 a turret milling Taiwan.
Customer: LUMA(Spain), SIPA(Italy). FAGOR(Spain), TIGERCAT(Canada), KAJIMA(Japan)
Product/Services: Machining, Fabricating, Assembly

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Hangzhou Hongli Machinery Co., Ltd.

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