Xinchang Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd.


The only manufacture of earth rod in Xinchang city of Zhejiang province, 50 containers per month.

Xinchang Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd. in lightning protection about 9year, our company name is Xinchang Lihe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. before, and produced earth rod for other traders last 7 years mainly, at present, our producing is   20 Container per month, 1500 000pcs earth per year. . We are the only manufcture of earth rod in Xinchang city, Zhejiang P.R. Also one of the biggest manufacturers in China. And now we also produce accessories of earth rod, like clamp, busbar, exothermic welding and so on.


And ME Thelma Chang in this area more than 5years, most important, in foreign trade more than 10years. You will get the all answer from me that you want to know. I am very familiar with the exporting area and the earthing material. 


We believe, here good quality, good service you will receive, choose us, worry nothing!

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Xinchang Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd.

Ground Rod,Earth Rod,Rod accessories,Exothermic Welding,Earthing material

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Tel: 13095678861
Building 1, No. 212, Taitan Avenue, Qixing Street, Xinchang County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Zhejiang, China,